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Park Hall Country Park, Stoke-on-Trent

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Locality F: Gully on the western edge of the quarry (10 minutes)

Stand on the track about 50 metres south of site E, looking west into the gully.

Possible questions/tasks Possible answers

(words in brackets indicate need or opportunity for further teaching)

Q1 This gully used to have a path leading down into the quarry. What has happened to the path? Washed away/worn away/eroded
Q2 What is in the bottom of the gully now? Sand and pebbles
Q3 Which part of the rock cycle are we seeing in this gully? Erosion
Q4 The gully being here means that there is some weakness at this point, since it is eroding more than elsewhere. What might be making it weaker?

(Remember the last location we looked at).

The fault could have weakened the rocks.

People coming down the path could have worn it away.

Q5 Point out that the fault crosses the gully about 2 metres from the top. Where the fence is it is sandstone and lower down it becomes conglomerate. This it not easy to see.

Warning: The conditions in the gully may vary depending on the weather. The conglomerates can become unstable when it has been raining, hence the pebbles in the gully. The photograph below shows where the fault line runs.



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