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Knowle Quarry, Shropshire

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It is anticipated that the ideas and materials presented here will be adapted by schools, and others, to be more appropriate for their own purposes and programmes of study.

In such circumstances please acknowledge the source as the Earth Science On-Site project.

In-school learning in preparation for field visit to Knowle Quarry

The preparation activities for a combined visit to The Ercall and then Knowle Quarry are to be found in the materials for The Ercall and are not reproduced here.

Those materials provide an appropriate set of Earth science activities for Key stage 4 pupils prior to any field work, and should be included in the planning of an extension visit to Knowle Quarry.

The preparation for the specific activities at Much Wenlock and Knowle Quarry involve pupils being familiar with:

  • identification of different types of limestone, and a variety of sedimentary rocks used as building stones such as sandstones and gritstones;
  • the way they become weathered;
  • some general familiarity with fossil solitary and colonial corals, brachiopods, and crinoid fragments.

These activities require the following slight modifications to the preparation programme outlined in The Ercall preparation:

  • Include photographs of limestones in the Weathering section 1;
  • Include at least two limestones (one fossiliferous) in The Rock Cycle section 2;
  • Include photographs, or better still, specimens, of colonial corals, solitary corals, crinoids and brachiopods, which are groups they will see on the visit.

The animation (4.7 MB) shows, in section, a sequence of plate movements from the beginning of the Cambrian, through to the Devonian, by which time the fragments of the British Isles had become welded together by plate tectonic forces.

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