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Barr Beacon, Walsall

© Black Country Geodiversity Partnership, 2017

The Barr Beacon material was produced as part of the Black Country Geodiversity Action Plan and published under the aegis of the Earth Science On-Site project. This material is freely available for educational purposes, and may not be used for commercial gain. It is anticipated that the ideas and materials presented here will be adapted by schools, and others, to be more appropriate for their own purposes and programmes of study.

In such circumstances please acknowledge the source as the Earth Science On-Site and Black Country Geodiversity Action Plan projects.

Earth Science On-Site Project Introduction

Introduces the Earth Science On-Site Project and its goals

Site Location and Access

Describes the site and how to get there and includes a preliminary Risk Assessment

Aerial Photograph

Google Maps® image showing the site, annotated with subsites if applicable (links from balloons are not active)

Earth Science Briefing for the Site

Provides the Earth Science background “story” for group leaders and the Earth Science principles that can be demonstrated at this site

KS3 National Curriculum Links

Summarises the NC areas from Schemes of Work for KS3

KS3 Preparation and Follow-up Ideas

Suggested preparatory and follow-up work to this Earth Science On-Site visit including pupil homework sheets

KS3 The Field Exercises

Introduction with maps and photographs of the site with key points labelled. Suggested exercises and questions (with answers) are included.

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